Ohio River

The Ohio River is a great vacation spot that offers unlimited opportunities for fun and frolic. Apart from the significant place it holds in human history as the birth place of several civilizations, the Ohio River is also famous for several recreational activities that include boat cruise and Blue Catfish fishing. The cities and country sides of the various states that border this largest tributary of the Mississippi River have fabulous viewing and shopping experiences in store for the visitors. Lot of activities take place everyday and the tourists and campers can find daily enjoyment through cultural events, casinos, water sports, etc. It is an ideal place for a family vacation as children have endless opportunities for entertainment and education. Visiting the numerous museums that are interspersed throughout the states along the Ohio River will provide a deep insight into the Ohio River history and the history of the states surrounding the river.

The Ohio River cruise is perhaps the greatest attraction for the visitors and local residents alike. Dinner or lunch cruises, boat concerts, etc. are just a few of the options that you have in an Ohio River boating trip. If you are more interested in camping along the riverside and enjoying the river activities, you just need to pick an Ohio River map, find out a suitable camping spot from the numerous campgrounds and state parks located in the various states. These camping spots are all located in soothing and alluring scenic places that offer plenty of opportunities for rest and recreation. Each of these camping areas has its own activities that you can choose: hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, or horseback riding. They also offer different types of accommodation facilities for the campers.

The cities and rural areas on the banks of the Ohio River are the perfect locations for romantic getaways. Honeymooners can have romantic cruise or restaurant dinners, train rides, strolls through the woods or river side, shopping in the farmers’ markets or malls, quiet evenings in log cabins, or music and dance under the moonlight.

Summer is the best time to visit the Ohio River though it is as welcoming in spring and autumn as well. If you are visiting Ohio during these peak seasons, you need to plan your travel to make it the most budget friendly one. Communicate with those who have already been to the place to get an idea about the rates and locations; you can also talk to the locals to get some tips on less expensive accommodation or conveyance.